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Karastan Original Karastan Empress Kirman

Karastan Original Karastan Empress Kirman

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The ancient province of Kirman is famous for producing some of the worlds most elegant and refined oriental carpets. Kirman was known as a creative mecca, where designs were conceived and woven by masters of the art. Our graceful Empress Kirman is based on one of Karastan Rugs' most timeless and classic patterns - featuring floral bouquets arranged within cartouche panels. The panels resemble the many hued domes that towered, amid picturesque gardens and flowering trees, over the provincial city of Kirman. Crafted from fully worsted New Zealand wool Karastan Rugs' Axminster rugs embody the brands almost century long legacy of quality, style and innovation.

- Machine Woven
- 100% New Zealand Wool
- Made in the USA from US and Imported Materials

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